TOO 3.10 - Authority - acceptance Theory o (Barnard) - Some...

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Authority - acceptance Theory o (Barnard) - Some Advice - Delegation - A case study – sexual assault Sexual Harassment Acceptance Theory - bottoms up - 165 o 4 conditions under which orders are done Understood Believed consistent with purpose of org Regional track meet, our assignment is to run 4 times around the track. If that is his order, not many of us would do it because it seems that it doesn’t further our understanding of the subject. At the very least it is not obvious. Believed consistent with personal beliefs If HW assignment is to read the rest of the book, we would probably not do it. Orders should be given within the benefit burden ratio Capable, physically or mentally - 167 o How is it possible to secure cooperation 3 suggestions Usually, due to informal organization, everybody either always agrees or never agrees - 174 (bottom) o “there cannot be authority without corresponding responsibility” o Responsibility = authority written on board o Problem with this TEST QUESTION Most people have a ligit interpretation which barnand is not trying to get across The popular conception when you move up in an org, you get more responsibility, and you assume that you should get more authority. That’s ok, but not what he is trying to say Authority is going to be decided by the below guy more likely if he feels that the guy above him conforms to the values of the organization. Responsibility adhere to the values of an organization leadership. That’s how barnard defines leadership - Fiction of superior authority – told us to look at that
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Some Advice - 3 examples o 1. o
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TOO 3.10 - Authority - acceptance Theory o (Barnard) - Some...

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