TOO 3.12 - Its easier to ask for forgiveness than...

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Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission… I don’t know about that one Story of the drunk teacher continued He asks mechanics for a favor, he got them to drive him all the way back to his home. Is it a permissible way to solve the problem? Maybe not, but it solved it. He didn’t ask for permission but he did it. . When we finish authority we will move to delegation, excellent Crawford Greenwalt chairman of Dupont Want to write a book, not very good, but has an interesting part on delegation Delegation can be likened to the old tale of the magic pitcher. No matter how much water was poured out, the remaining level is always the same. Case example 1. Drinking problems when Torg as pres 1. girl falls out of a dorm and dies 2. car accident 3. number of incidents at the Montgomery county hospital Students would start the weekend mid week, be sure to take attendance on Friday was one of the things attempted to help fix. Headline in CT was Torg continues to fight alcohol, funny VP for development – Charles Steger Good development so they are going to have a celebration Sounds good Torg has to say a few words. Mid morning there is a great big tent and trucks, and then he realizes that’s where the celebration is going to be. Biggest cocktail party ever, and he is trying to crackdown on alcohol. So there is a disconnect here. That’s delegation, he was accountable even though he wasn’t barely
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TOO 3.12 - Its easier to ask for forgiveness than...

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