TOO 3.19 - Decision Making What is a decision picking...

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Decision Making What is a decision? - picking options that have different outcomes. - Part of the process is searching for any alternative - Sometimes the outcome is measured by a criterion o Tech wants to provide a quality education. If someone wants all enge students to take enge economy. Maybe yes, maybe no. how would you measure the if education is better. You could compare how many students pass the EIG (?) exam - Judgment is intuitive, in your gut, maybe involves prayer. Four examples - 1. - Steven Ambrose, author and great student of WW2 and Dwight Eisenhower, died of cancer. - He claims that the most significant decision of the 20 th century was made on June 6 th 1944. - This was D day. - Why was this a difficult decision. Allies and soviet union were fighting Hitler. Russians were pushing the Germans back, but they could still survive. Along the west of Europe, Germany had built up this buffer. England was getting ready to invade. They wanted to go through Normandy but the weather was awful. Do you back off? Do you go ahead. If you go ahead and it doesn’t work, Ambrose thought you would be set back a couple years. -
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TOO 3.19 - Decision Making What is a decision picking...

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