Exam 1 Review Topics

Exam 1 Review Topics - Exam 1 Review Topics Metabolism (2)...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 Review Topics Metabolism (2) o Definition: the total chemical activity of a living organism; consists of thousands of individual chemical reactions atoms and molecules (16) o consist of positively charged nucleus, negatively charged electrons. o Nucleus contains protons and neutrons o Has volume and mass [measures quantity of matter present. Greater the mass, greater the matter] subatomic particles o Protons o Neutrons o Electrons elements and compounds the hierarchy of the units of life major events in the history of life on Earth the scientific method, including hypothesisprediction and comparative Darwin's view of differential reproductive success and evolution natural selection domains and kingdoms of life what determines the chemical behavior of an atom electrons and electron "shells" isotopes chemical bonds polar/nonpolar moles and molarity organic vs. inorganic molecules acids and bases ("alkaline") ions pH dalton atomic number, atomic weight/mass functional groups and their symbols the four most common elements in living things categories of molecules we have discussed and their general composition carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and their monomers lipids polymer chemistry including condensation and hydrolysis polymers/monomers function and importance of hydrogen bonding in water hydrophobic/hydrophilic saturated and unsaturated fatty acids isomers parts of a nucleotide functions of the four main glucose polysaccharides primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins denaturation chaperonins DNA and RNA structure complementary basepairing rules families of nucleic acids contributions of Miller/Urey, Redi, and Pasteur ...
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Exam 1 Review Topics - Exam 1 Review Topics Metabolism (2)...

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