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abortion major steph - Name Stephanie Mattes Date May 20 th...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Stephanie Mattes Date: May 20 th 2006 Class: PHI1103 Word Count: Paper Number: 1 Title: Abortion – The Argument That Never Ends 1. Introduction and Thesis What is abortion? The strict dictionary definition of abortion is “Induced termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or fetus that is incapable of survival.” Abortion is a surgical or medical procedure that puts an end to a pregnancy. A licensed physician or surgeon performs it. When considering abortion, it is recommended to consult with a medial professional and a pregnancy options counselor. The medical aftermath of abortion can include severe pain, hemorrhage (bleeding), shock or coma, and even death. Emotional reactions can include severe depression and thoughts of suicide, feelings of guilt or worthlessness and a dependency on drugs and/or alcohol. This paper argues that abortion can be wrong or right depending on the situation. 2. Argument and Explanation Reason 1: My first reason on why abortion should be allowed is in the case of a rape victim. In my opinion, a woman who is raped never really made the wrong decision in having sex, because she was forced into it. This pregnancy could possibly ruin this woman’s life. If this woman is in school, this baby could force her to dropout and make the baby her number one concern. Also, this baby might make the mother struggle financially. The baby would need things such as a crib, diapers, food, clothes, bottles, toys, and just simple necessities. If the mother is still very young and not financially stable, the baby could live a bad life because the mother can’t afford the necessities for this baby....
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abortion major steph - Name Stephanie Mattes Date May 20 th...

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