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banning handguns 400 wd

banning handguns 400 wd - Name Kim Jalm Date May 20th 2006...

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Name: Kim Jalm Date: May 20 th 2006 Class: PHI-1103 Word Count: 435 Title: Banning Handguns I do not believe handguns should be banned altogether, but rather there should be a stricter set of rules enforced. Handguns are easily purchased, and even then, they are not monitored. Anyone can buy a gun on the street, regardless of age, or background. The 2 nd Amendment establishes the right to bear arms. But I believe there should be a note that says a person has the right to bear arms if they are deemed fit to look after the gun and take care of it, with the right responsibilities. The Brady Bill was established to try to monitor the buying of handguns. When someone tries to purchase a handgun, a background check is done to make sure the person is not a felon, an offender of the law, or mentally unstable. This bill has little or no effect on the purchasing of guns. If we were to ban the purchase of handguns, we would open the floodgates for smuggling them in. Guns provide a sense of security to the holder. Guns are very intimidating, as well as
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