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Name: Kim Jalm Date: May 31, 2006 Class: PHI-1103 11-12:30 Word Count: Paper Number: Bowling for Columbine Bowling for Columbine expressed many themes and issues that go on in the United States every day. Some are racism, poverty, fear, the 2 nd Amendment, gun control, the media, and the government. Fear can be found on every street corner, every household, and in every person. The only difference is the fear itself. Many people fear their own family members, while others fear neighbors, people of a different race, and even of themselves. Fear in America is believed to drive our violent acts. People are afraid of everything. If you see a white woman in an elevator and a black man boards, the white woman clutches her purse and holds it closer just because there is a black man sharing the elevator with her. Fear is what promotes our media, and the media just pumps it back at the population by making the situations worse than they really are. The media is blamed for our uncontrollable violence also. Marilyn Manson is the poster boy for fear.
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