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FALLACIES OF FACT GATHERING 1. Straw man: distorting what another person has done or said in such a way that it becomes easier to criticize or reject it. Saying “never” and “always” 2. Slippery Slope: exaggerating the negative (bad) effects of an action or event so that they appear hard to accept. 3. Magnifying Risks: Turning smaller probabilities of something bad happening into much larger ones. 4. Half Truth: Misleading another person about some matter by presenting only some of the facts and omitting other important facts. 5. The “Had Things Been Different”: Making improvable claims about what would have been true had something else been true. 6. False Comparison: Expecting two individuals (objects, persons, etc.) to resemble each other in a certain way solely because they have something else in common. 7. Unsupported Explanation: trying to account for why something is true in a way that is not adequately backed up by the facts. 8. Oversimplifying: making a more complicated situation out to be much less complicated than it actually is. 9. Hasty generalizing: jumping to a conclusion about all of most of a group on the basis of an insufficient sampling of group members. 10. Stereotyping: using strong emotional language to rate entire groups of people without considering individual differences among group members. 11. Ignoring the past: making predictions about what will happen in the future without considering what has happened in the past. 12. Insisting on the past: thinking that because something was true in the past that it must
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fallacies - FALLACIES OF FACT GATHERING 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...

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