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gay marriage major - Name: Kim Jalm Date: May 24, 2006...

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Name: Kim Jalm Date: May 24, 2006 Class: PHI-1103 11-12:30 Word Count: 1,300 Paper Number: 1 Title: Gay Marriages 1. Introduction and Thesis The controversial issue on whether or not to allow gay marriages has been going on for years. A homosexual person may be a female or male who is attracted to the same sex. Civil Unions are being allowed in some states, whereas some states still uphold the law that the joining of homosexuals is not allowed. This paper argues that homosexual marriages should be allowed. 2. Argument and Explanation Reason 1: Marriage is viewed as a way to “settle down”. When most people get engaged, or married, they often refer to themselves as settling down out of their old ways. A marriage grounds you, brings you to take more responsibilities for not only yourself, but for your husband or wife. Before marriage, people go out to experience things; they go wild. Teenagers go through their drinking, smoking, or even drug use phase. Finally, they reach college where they are at the peak of their substance phase. They find a partner, with whom they wish to spend the rest of their life with. Marriage celebrates this decision with a ceremony joining the two families as one. I believe homosexuals should have this same opportunity. Reason 2: Marriage is beneficial to both parties because of the legal benefits involved. Heterosexual marriages offer benefits involving taxes, pension, health care, and ownership of property. In a courtroom, spousal privilege is upheld, where communication between a husband and wife is viewed as confidential. In the case of homosexuals, they are treated as separate people. Spousal privilege does not apply, because they have not been formally married, with marriage certificates. As far as taxes go, homosexuals are viewed as separate people; they do not have the chance to receive the tax reduction. If two homosexuals live together, and share property such as cars, furniture, and land, and
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gay marriage major - Name: Kim Jalm Date: May 24, 2006...

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