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Name: Kim Jalm Date: June 6, 2006 Class: PHI-1103 11-12:30 Word Count: 418 Paper Number: 400 words Physician Assisted Suicide Title: Physician Assisted Suicide Physician Assisted suicide is yet another very controversial issue among the nation. This is when a terminally ill patient, or one that is not expected to live, has the option to ask the doctor to end their lives painlessly. If a patient with internal bleeding, or terminal cancer is in the last stages where the death gets painful, they have the right to end their own lives. Keeping these people alive, when it is their wishes to die, makes it all the more inhuman. If someone really wanted to, they could go against this person’s wishes and get a court order to keep them from ending their own lives. This could go back and forth in the courts, and this person could just end up dying slowly and painfully anyways. The economy can also benefit from physician assisted suicide. By allowing these people their right to end their lives, the money used to help them can go to those truly in need. People
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