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Stephmat physician - Name Stephanie Mattes Date June 5 2006 Class PHI1103 Word Count 418 Title Physician-Assisted Suicide Physician-assisted

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Name: Stephanie Mattes Date: June 5, 2006 Class: PHI1103 Word Count: 418 Title: Physician-Assisted Suicide Physician-assisted suicide is when a patient decides that if they are terminally ill and death will be painful and extreme, then the doctor actually helps the patient end their life. In my opinion, I think that there is nothing wrong with this. If I was in the last stages of an incurable cancer, and I began suffering greatly to stay alive, I would want my doctor to make the process easier on me and less painful. Keeping someone alive while they are suffering a slow death seems inhumane. People fear dying a slow painful death, and with physician-assisted suicide, there would be less worry about it. Also, by using physician-assisted suicide, it will help things economically. Doctors won’t have to keep people alive on expensive life support that is only going to keep them alive for a few weeks. These life support alternatives could also be used on people who have chance of survival after the life support. What if one day someone comes in who isn’t terminally
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