interpreter of maladies

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Mr. Kapasi = romantic, traditional. RESPECT HIM because he keeps his composure. does not show his affections for mrs das, this situation makes him contemplate his own marriage. Has only a fantasy, opens up the contemplation. He doesn't "cheat". His fantasy is the both of them will realize the marriages do not work by the letters, they would divorce spouses, and be together. Takes his job seriously, engages with the people and shows them everything, rather than dropping them off. Very proud of his job --> shows pride for country. Mr. Das = stereotypical tourist, carries camera (tunnel vision), tour book INDIA, take back to science class, superficial examination of life, doesn't know son is not his. Refers to wife as Mina, not "mom", does not show affections with mrs das Mrs. Das = not in love with husband, very young, not even 30 [28] with 3 kids treats kids as if she is the older sister. attractive = short skirt, lipstick, painting nails, wooden sandals, shirt with strawberry, the way she catches mr kapasi's eye. at the tea stall there
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