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Tatiana Casis #3 Define “paradigm” and give at least three examples that are powerful in people’s lives. What does it mean to shift paradigms? Throughout the book, Covey talks about paradigms. Paradigms shape up your life. A paradigm is the way we look at life. Three examples of powerful paradigms are work ethic, religion, and politics. Work ethic would be working hard to achieve something. Religion is focal point in many peoples everyday life. For example, if you are Catholic you are taught to believe in God. Paradigms are passed down through the family. For example, if your parents are Democratic you will most likely be Democratic
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Unformatted text preview: also. Paradigm shift is when you change your views of the world. An example of this is when an Atheist gets into a near fatal accident and walks away unharmed, and from that point on they believe in a higher power. In my life, I have used many paradigms. When I was in high school I use to not have to pay attention and I would easily pass my classes. Now that I am in college I have changed my view and realized that I need to work hard by taking notes in class and managing my time effectively....
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