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Tatiana Casis #5

Tatiana Casis #5 - Tatiana Casis#5 Covey puts the eight...

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Tatiana Casis #5 Covey puts the eight habits in a specific order for people to follow. Following then in order will bring you through the Maturity Continuum. The first three habits being you through independence. The first habit is to be proactive. A proactive person will do more than just taking the initiative. They will be driven by their values and beliefs. The second habit is to begin with the end in mind. For example, making a car. First, blue prints are made. After blue printing, manufacturing can begin. The third habit is to put first things first. A person needs the first two habits before they can start habit three. With habit three you can become principle-centered by practicing effective self-management. The next three habits bring you through interdependence. The fourth habit is think win/win. This habit means both sides feel good about the decision that was made, and are committed to making it work. Habit five is seek first to understand…then be understood. This habit involves a very deep paradigm shift. You
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