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Tatiana Casis #7 - of influence shrinks In my life I have...

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Tatiana Casis #7 In Covey’s book, he explains the Circles of Concern and Influence. These are the area’s where we focus our time and energy. Proactive people focus their time and energy in the circle of influence. Proactive people have positive attitudes and focus on things they can do something about, this increases their circle of influence. Reactive people put their time in the circle of concern, they have no involvement mentally or emotionally. They have a negative outlook, and their circle
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Unformatted text preview: of influence shrinks. In my life, I have lived in both the circle of concern and influence. For example, if I had a friend in an abusive relationship. This would be in my circle of concern because no matter what I did, it was not my decision to get out of. By talking to my friend about my feelings on her relationship, I would be able to influence her decision to leave her boyfriend....
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