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Tatiana Casis #11 Covey uses the Emotional Bank Account to symbolize the trust being built in a relationship. He uses six major deposits to make up the account. The first deposit in understanding the individual, because it is the key to every other deposit. In order to fully understand somebody, there has to be communication. A withdrawal would be non-communication. The second deposit is attending to the little things. A little bit of kindness and courtesy will go a long way. An example of a withdrawal would be not doing your chores. The third deposit is keeping commitments. For example, making promises and keeping them is a healthy key to a relationship. A withdrawal would be breaking a promise. The fourth deposit is clarifying expectations. For example, before marriage a man and woman should state what they want out of the relationship. A withdrawal would be assuming what the expectations are. These simple
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Unformatted text preview: misunderstandings can cause lack of communication. The fifth deposit is showing personal integrity. Personal integrity forms trust and is the beginning for many different deposits. A withdrawal would be lying or not living up to your expectations. Lack of trust will damage the bank account. The sixth deposit is apologizing sincerely when you make a withdrawal. The best deposits come from the most sincere “I’m sorry’s.” This shows the other person your strength to keep the relationship going. In my life, I have an emotional bank account with my mother. I understand my mother because we always talk to each other openly. My mom and I clarify with each other that as long as I did well in school and kept up with softball I wouldn’t have to hold a job. Even though my mom and I disagree on some things, we will always be there for one another....
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