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Tatiana Casis #12

Tatiana Casis #12 - going to get my way and you won’t get...

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Tatiana Casis #12 In Covey’s book, he explains the six paradigms of human interaction. These paradigms are the ways we think going into an interaction. The first paradigm is to “win”. This paradigm is the most commonly used one. When you go into an interaction with another person, you only think of yourself. You say, “I’m going to win no matter what”. You get what you want out of the interaction. The second paradigm is “lose/lose”. In this one the person is so insecure about himself or herself that they want everyone else to lose even if that means they lose also. These are the type of people that create arguments. The third paradigm is “lose/win”. This one if when two people are fighting, the person who came into the interaction with the lose/win state of mind is the one who is quick to please the other. They say nice things like “I’m sorry, I know it’s my fault” because they get intimidated by the ego strength of others. The fourth paradigm is “win/lose”. These people go into an interaction with the attitude of “I’m
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Unformatted text preview: going to get my way, and you won’t get yours”. These people will use their position in order to get their way. The fifth paradigm is “win/win”. In this one, the person knows what they need to do to win, so they help the other person win. You guess what the other person wants. Win/win people see life as more cooperative, not a competition. The sixth paradigm is “win/win or deal”. In this one, the person identifies what they think is a win. There is no guess. If the two people do not agree, then there is no deal. Covey says that the win/win paradigm is the more dominant one because most interactions are part of the interdependency and the win/win is the best to choose. In my life, I have constantly used these six paradigms. The one I’ve used the most would be the win/lose one because I like to get my way. Since I started this class, I’ve learned that I want to work more in the win/win category because it’s fair to both sides....
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