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In Covey’s book, he does not actually explain the Law of the Farm, but we have a clear understanding of what it can mean. The Farm is only a metaphor, but it applies to real life in many ways. Using the farm as a metaphor, we can say that the “seeds” can represent children, the “fertilizer” can be the love, caring, and nurturing of the parents during the lives of the family. The “fertile soil” represents the rules set down by the parents for the family to function properly. The “good/bad weather” symbolizes both the good times and bad. “Bad weather” could possibly be any arguments or deaths that happen in the family. “Good weather” could be a family member’s achievements. Finally, the “harvest”
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Unformatted text preview: symbolizes the family’s goals, such as a promotion at work. Basically, the Law of the Farm means you cannot rush things beyond their capability. In my life, I have watched my family grow. I have two younger brothers, whom I have helped take care of. I have seen the way my brothers have grown up from their “seeds” and almost through many “harvests”. Our family gives as much “fertile soil” that we can in order for them to grow into young men and be successful. Even though there is a fare share of both “good” and “bad” weather, we make everything as good as possible for the whole family and try to take in as much of the good weather as we possibly can....
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