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Covey sequences the eight habits in a specific order for those to follow. Following the habits in order is more beneficial. The seven habits bring you through the Maturity Continuum. The first three habits bring you through independence. The first habit is to “be proactive”. To be proactive, one will do more than just take the initiative to choose between things. A proactive person is value driven and will continue to strive for things even when they do not go their way. The second habit is to “begin with the end in mind”. This habit is based on the idea that “all things are created twice”. First there is a mental outlook, and then the physical outlook takes place. For example, building a house. First, a person will think of what they want on the house, for example, three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Then the blueprints will be drawn up so the construction can begin. The third habit is to “put first things first”. Habits one and two are essential before starting on habit three. Practicing
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