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Covey talks about personal mission statements, and says that they become your life’s “constitution”. A personal mission statement does not happen over night, they take lots of time. There are many goals that I would like to accomplish in my life. I have accomplished many goals already, but there are so many more that I wish to accomplish. One of those goals is to go to the World Series while I am at IRCC. I would also like to graduate from IRCC with a 3.5 GPA and most of my prerequisites for Forensic Science finished. I want to go on to a 4-year university and finish my softball eligibility while also obtaining my Forensic Science degree. I want to hold a nice, comfortable, steady job in the same field. When I get settled down with my job, I want to be able to coach and umpire softball teams. I would like to live in a nice house, with a comfortable salary, and a good
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Unformatted text preview: husband. I would like to have two children, with at least one girl. I want to be able to enroll my children in sports, and hopefully they will follow in my footsteps and be successful. I want to be able to look at myself and see a good role model for not only my children, but for others also. I want to be able to say that I lived life the way I wanted to, and I was happy with how it turned out. In my life, I have never taken the time to write a personal mission statement. Even though I wrote this one in a couple of days, I am sure I will revise it over and over again. I will try to stick to this mini personal mission statement, as it applies to my college life, and early post-college years. I plan to stick to this mission statement, and hopefully will add more to it and make it more detailed....
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