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exam #10 - Quadrant four is full of busy work and pleasant...

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Kim Jalm #10 Covey states that management is different than leadership. Leadership is an art and based on philosophy. This is where you ask yourself the ultimate questions. After you deal with those issues, you can start managing yourself effectively. Urgent and Important Crisis Not urgent but important Planning and relationship building Urgent but not important Interruptions Not urgent and not important Trivia, busy work, time wasters Quadrant one is urgent and important. Those living in quadrant one are problem minded people. If lived in too long, it will consume you because it keeps getting bigger and bigger. The only way to escape the hectic living in quadrant one is to go to quadrant four.
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Unformatted text preview: Quadrant four is full of busy work and pleasant activities. Quadrant three contains popular activities that are urgent and not important. To move into quadrant two, you must be willing to be more proactive. An example of an activity in quadrant two is interruptions. Quadrant two is where you want to spend most of your time because all of the seven habits fit into quadrant two. In my life, I have lived mostly in quadrant one. I have always been on the run with everything. Everything with me is always done at the last minute; I am really bad when it comes to procrastination. By learning about quadrant two, I now want to incorporate it in to my every day lifestyle....
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