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Covey explains the 5 major levels of listening, including it’s highest form, empathic listening. Listening is a major contributor to the Emotional Bank Account. There are five major levels of listening: ignoring, pretending, selective listening, attentive listening, and empathic listening. Ignoring is not really listening; pretending is saying “yeah, uh-huh, right”; selective listening is hearing only certain parts of the conversation; attentive listening is paying attention and focusing energy on the words that are being said; empathic listening is the highest form of listening. Empathic listening is listening with the intent to understand, or seeking first to understand. This involves understanding the person, and seeing the world through their eyes. It is not a sympathetic paradigm. It also involves listening with your ears, but also with the eyes and heart. It is listening for
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Unformatted text preview: feeling, meaning, and behavior. Empathic listening is also the key to making deposits in the personal bank account. It is very therapeutic and healing, because it presents a “psychological air.” After providing “psychological air,” you can then focus on influencing or problem solving. In my life, I have been a very selective listener. Over the past few years, however, I have become a little more of an empathic listener. I have learned that it is easier to ignore and pretend to listen, but if I take the time to try, I can better understand a person. I have found to be more of an empathic listener around people with whom I share common interests. It is easier to relate to them, therefore easier to listen with the intent to understand them....
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