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Kim Jalm # 4 Why does Covey tell us to diagnose before we prescribe in our communications? Covey explains how to “diagnose before you prescribe,” which means to understand the full picture before giving advice. Advice is held in high regard, and if there is not trust, the advice is worthless. To “diagnose before you prescribe” is the mark of true professionals. Professionals are held in high regard, and so is their word. No confidence in a professional leads to no confidence in what they have to say. Effective sales people take the time to first understand what the customer wants, then offers their advice on the situation. Amateur sales people only offer to sell solutions to problems they know nothing about. If a person judges first, they will never understand. For example, a teacher first learns about the class
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Unformatted text preview: and the subject matter before teaching it. Seek first to understand is the principle required in all areas of life. It has the greatest power in interpersonal relations. In my life, I have often spoken before I knew what was going on. Lately, though, I have learned to fully understand the matter at hand before I offer advice on anything. I have learned that in order to help as much as I can, I need to learn and take in all I can on the situation. Trying to help when only seeing half the picture is worthless, because I could be explaining something that does not even apply. This is probably one of the levels I practice in every day life throughout this book....
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