7 - until there I a mutual decision. This is much better...

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Kim Jalm # 7 What does Covey mean by “fishing for the third alternative?” Covey explains “fishing for the third alternative” by using an example out of his life. It helps give a better understanding to the situation, which is finding a win/win solution for both parties given a hard decision. “Fishing for the third alternative” is defined as a solution that is mutually beneficial and is better than what either of the people originally proposed. This involves two people with a high Personal Bank Account that have high trust and an open relationship between them. Both people think Win/Win and listen empathically to each other. The two people that are trying to work out a situation can synergize by communicating back and forth
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Unformatted text preview: until there I a mutual decision. This is much better than compromising, because both people get their way, and it does not leave the relationship on bad terms. In my life, I have not used this action as often as I should. Earlier in life, I cared about other people more than myself, and always gave in to the needs of others. Now, I voice my opinion much more often and, although I still might give in, I am getting better at saying no or maybe even getting my way. I would prefer the Win/Win situations, but sometimes the time calls for a Lose/Win or Win/Lose. I still should try harder, but so far I am moving in baby steps towards my goal....
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