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12 - Kim Jalm 12 Identify and explain the four dimensions...

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Kim Jalm # 12 Identify and explain the four dimensions of renewal. Covey explains the four dimensions of renewal. The dimensions must be used together in order to make one’s life successful. Neglecting one can lead to chaos in one’s life. The four dimensions of renewal are the spiritual, physical, mental, and social/emotional. The Spiritual dimension is related to Habit 2. This is your commitment area to the value system. This is highly important in your life, and is also very private. Everyone does this dimension differently, as each individual person has a different spirituality. This is a Quadrant II activity and takes a great deal of time and effort. The physical dimension means taking care of you. This means eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and daily exercising. This is also a Quadrant II activity, but if it is neglected, it can be placed into Quadrant I. Lack of the physical dimension can lead to health problems such as stress. A good exercise program consists of endurance, flexibility and strength. Endurance comes
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