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Kim Jalm #13 Explain the upward spiral of renewal and the role of balance and synergy. Covey explains the upward spiral of renewal. It consists of balance and synergy in every day life, and learning new things. The upward spiral is the continuous improvement of growth and change. To make progress upward on the spiral, we need to take our conscience into consideration. Our conscience pulls us towards the correct principles. Educating your conscience required a lot of attention, concentration, discipline, and honest living. Moving upward requires you to learn, commit, and do, but its level is increasing each time, making it harder. Balance is required in all four dimensions because it is essential to become effective. Neglecting one area negatively impacts the rest. Balance renewal is synergetic; the four dimensions are interrelated. All of the dimensions affect one another. Renewal in any dimension
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Unformatted text preview: increases your ability to live one of the seven habits. Although all the habits are sequential, improving one habit synergetically increases the ability to live the rest. In my life, I have moved along the spiral many times. I have learned to do many things, some being easy, some being extremely difficult. One difficult thing to learn was how to throw a softball. First I had to learn the proper mechanics from a coach, and then commit myself to going outside and practicing every day, then finally doing it without having to think. Now, it is easier to do because I have been doing it for so long. To add on to throwing, I learned how to pitch a few years later. This required learning mechanics, practicing, and finally testing what I had learned in a game. It took a lot of time, because it was something new, but in the end I learned how to pitch the way I wanted to....
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