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Kim Jalm #15 Habit 8: Why is it part of your role as an effective leader to help others find their voice? Covey explains that your voice is something you love to do and are truly passionate about. This is an achievement that should be shared with others. Your “voice” is something you are really good at, love doing, and it is what represents your own unique significance. People who have found their voice do not require management. They do not need to be guided through life, because they already know where they want to go. They know which path they wish to take. Once you have found your voice, it is your obligation to help other people find theirs. Sharing your voice
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Unformatted text preview: makes you a more knowledgeable individual; it also enriches your organization. This is what makes more people teachers. There are some statistics that describe how we learn things. We only learn 20% of the things we read, whereas we learn 95% of the things we teach to others. In my life, I think I have found my voice by wanting to become a doctor. I love helping people, and at first, I wanted to become a forensic scientist. Since coming to school, I have drifted from the dream of forensics and have drifted into the vision of becoming a doctor. I know it is hard work, and a lot of schooling, but I am prepared to meet the requirements and work as hard as I can....
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