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ch3 - 4 The rift valley of a mid-ocean ridge is equated...

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Familiarize yourself with all the key terms and review all the study questions listed at the end of chapter 3. In addition, study the following self-test questions. All the information required to answer these questions is given in your textbook. 1. The sinking of lithosphere at trenches is a process known as a. isostacy b. hydrothermal circulation c. seismic topography d. subduction 2. The Pacific Ocean gets it nickname, the "Rim of Fire", because of its many a. fracture zones b. subduction zones c. natural disasters c. natural resources 3. A major event that happened as a result of the formation of the Southern Ocean was a. global climate change b. a change in spreading rate c. creation of the Himalayas d. formation of equatorial currents
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The rift valley of a mid-ocean ridge is equated with which of the following plate boundary types? a. transitional b. divergent c. convergent d. transform fault 5. The Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean basins have very similar histories because they all formed from a single ocean 200 million years ago. a. true b. false 6. Another name for mid-ocean ridges is spreading centers, because seismic waves generated by earthquakes spread rapidly there. a. true b. false 7. The Hawaiian Islands exemplifies a(n): a. passive margin b. active margin c. hot spot d. island arc 8. The part of the Earth's interior that is liquid in nature is the a. mantle b. outer core c. inner core d. lithosphere 9. When three plate boundaries intersect, they form a(n): a. active margin b. triple junction c. subduction zone d. ridge crest 10. The supercontinent existing at the beginning of the present spreading cycle was a. Pangaea b. Panthalassia c. Laurasia d. Gondwanaland...
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ch3 - 4 The rift valley of a mid-ocean ridge is equated...

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