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1 BBM205/05 Business Accounting 1 Tutor-Marked Assignment Two (TMA2) (25%) Semester 2, July 2019 Instructions 1. This is an individual assignment and it covers knowledge acquired from Unit 3, Unit 4and Unit 5. 2. Please answer ALL questions in this assignment. Total marks awarded for TMA 2 is 100, which will contribute to 25% of the entire course assessment. 3. Evidence of plagiarism or collusion will be taken seriously and the University regulations will be applied strictly, henceforth please be familiar with the University s definitions of plagiarism and collusion. You should not share your answers with others because any evidence of plagiarism or collusion found may result in ZERO mark being awarded to all involved and further disciplinary action taken. Kindly upload your TMA into Turnitin to obtain a report before submitting your TMA via the OAS. 4. Please take note that Turnitin submission is NOT the same as OAS submission. It is NOT compulsory to submit your Turnitin Originality Report to OAS anymore. However, students are highly encouraged to passage their TMAs to the Turnitin system before submission, to encourage honest academic writing and it is not mandatory except for Project courses ". Bear in mind that when you submit your TMA to Turnitin for the second time; be informed that the system will usually take at least 24 hours to generate the report again. So, please plan your TMA submission wisely to prevent passing the deadline for submission. 5. For TMA submission, please attach (using “Insert Object”) your TMA and submit through the Online Assignment Submission (OAS) system. Make sure you check
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