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psychology final

psychology final - 2_is seligman’s term for the type of...

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3 – Intelligence 12 – motivation 2 – eating disorders; human sexuality emotion – primary models that attempt to explain motivation lie detector tests; nothing on stress; general adaptation syndrome freud’s notion of personality projective tests rogers notion of personality development allport DSM-IV 4 – anxieties 1 – DID mood disorders social-analytic vs humanistic theories behavioral approach to therapy SAD 5 – social psych fundamental attribution error 2- obedience: classical research RECALL DEFINE: 1. Reality principle 2. Projective tests: what do they do, what are some of them, what are their weaknesses 3. Ego: who gave us the term, what does it signify 4. Neurosis: not in text 5. Delusions 6. Deinstitutionalization 7. Attitude 8. Aggression: define, describe some ideas about it 9. Theories: biological, learned FILL IN THE BLANK 1. 5 anxiety disorders, describe symptoms, prognosis, treatment
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Unformatted text preview: 2. _____is seligman’s term for the type of depression when a person thinks they cannot escape 3. what are the diffs between conformity and compliance 4. what is organizational psych and why is it important today 5. who is aaron beck 6. what is the diff between average and normal 7. what is the only personality test whose results are allowed in a court of law 8. what did Jung mean by the collective unconscious 9. describe continuous trait theory, who’s research did it disclose, what are the implications 10. what is the DSM-IV TR 11. discuss anti-social personality disorder 12. list the 4 major groups of psychotropic drugs and list what they are used for 13. what are the arguments pro/con for the use of ECT 14. attitudes including prejudice are _____ 15. who was walter Dill scott...
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psychology final - 2_is seligman’s term for the type of...

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