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body image - Kim Jalm African-American vs Caucasian Views...

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Kim Jalm African-American vs Caucasian Views on Physical Image The days of male domination are over; women are now becoming a strong majority in the United States of America. Women of all ethnicities are becoming active members of the political, the business, the medical, and the architectural world. Women are claiming the executive positions in companies, but there is still a demon that haunts a majority of women: self and physical image. This essay is comparing and contrasting African American females with Caucasian females while focusing mainly on their contrasting views of physical image and consequently physical worth. This essay will compare and contrast, citing the works and studies of various professionals within the fields of psychology, nutrition, and physiology. The various means and frequencies of diet and exercise among the two ethnicities, as well as the battle with eating disorders. While this essay will focus on Caucasian females and African-American females as collective bodies, it is important to note that not all women within a racial/ethnic category have the same physical images. There is within each ethnic group a separate breakdown based on the socioeconomic class system. Research shows that African- American females in the upper-middle class to the upper class are more concerned about their body size. In this economic class, they collectively get more exercise and are generally healthier than those African-American women closer to the bottom of the socioeconomic class system. It can also be said that while Caucasian women of all economic classes statistically strive to be thin, there are variances on what makes a woman aesthetically appealing.
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Physical image is what you think you look like physically. The majority of women are given Barbie dolls at a young age. Barbie represents the worldwide “perfect
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