Chapter 2 - Kim Jalm Chapter 2 7 World Bank I global...

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Kim Jalm Chapter 2 7. World Bank: I, global financial institution: the World Bank is the international institution for reconstruction and development. It lends money private investments, stabilizes prices, receives funding from member nations functions as central bank of the world 8. Dwight D. Eisenhower: F. spoke of the “military-industrial complex” It was Eisenhower’s final speech before leaving office in 1961. It is the relationship between the military that wants to purchase the weapons and the corporations that produce the weapons. DANGER: defense decisions and development of weapons systems may be influenced by what is beneficial to the military and defense industries rather than by what is necessary for national security. Chapter 3 7. Reason for rising divorce rate in US: I increasing gender equality. Large extended families are dysfunctional in urban settings where children are not economic assets. In preindustrial societies, children could work in agricultural settings and therefore contribute economically to the family. The part that families play in society has changed with industrialization, and this has contributed to the rising divorce rate. 8. Nuclear family: E. Parents and Children: they are small and less likely to be male dominated. They emphasize values of individualism to a greater extent. Most common family type in industrial societies. Chapter 4 7. Medicare: D – government health insurance for the elderly. This program pays some of the costs for hospitalization, nursing-home care, and some home-health care. For a monthly fee, the elderly can also purchase medical insurance from Medicare that will cover other services such as doctors’ fees and outpatient services. 8. Thomas Szasz: A – mental illness as problems of fixing. Psychiatrist that believes it is not called an “illness” but a problem of living because human life is a continual struggle to decide how to live and relate to others. Chapter 5
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Chapter 2 - Kim Jalm Chapter 2 7 World Bank I global...

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