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group work

group work - by Chapter 5 From the conflict perspective...

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Chapter 1 group work From the conflict perspective, society is viewed as consisting of a variety of groups who struggle with one another to attain scarce societal resources that a group, believing that its interests are not being met or that it is not receiving sufficient scarce resources works to overcome what it perceives as a disadvantage Chapter 2 Government has also grown substantially in the past two centuries because it has taken on the responsibility for social and economic policy and because people demand so much more of it. Globally, immense political and economic power is concentrated in a few large corporations and global financial institutions. Chapter 3 The interactionist perspective points to the fact that what is considered the family is a matter of social definition, becoming a part of the social reality that people create and live
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Unformatted text preview: by Chapter 5 From the conflict perspective, poverty exists because some groups are deprived of the opportunity to accumulate the resources that would make possible a minimally acceptable lifestyle Chapter 6 Among racial and ethnic groups in the United States, African Americans and Hispanics are the larges minorities, and they lag considerably because other groups in access to education, power, and economically rewarding jobs. One of the most important reasons for this is the long history of discrimination and oppression suffered by both Chapter 12 There are many consequences of population growth: crowding, food shortages, depletion of resources, and intergroup conflict. A key issue is whether population growth exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment...
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