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K&R Midterm I Study Guide

K&R Midterm I Study Guide - • Good Definition o Not...

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Knowledge/Reality Midterm I Review The Meno: The Meno was written 10 years after Socrates died. Socrates o Devoted his life to conversation/examination of ideas. o Left no writings o Hung out in the “Agora” in Athens – a marketplace and gymnasium/athletic club Plato o Attracted to Socrates’ conversations. o Wanted his ideas to be written down o Wrote fictionalized creations of Socrates’ conversations with people. Sophists o Find real definition o Sophists get people to do what they want them to. They don’t worry about whether the purposes are good or worthwile, write about how to get your way. Example: “How to Argue and Win Every Time” o Example: political consultants, advertising (subliminal)
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Unformatted text preview: • Good Definition o Not just a bunch of examples o Essence: what it is about the examples in virtue of which they are examples of the concept being defined Neither too broad Or too narrow o The definition should contain concepts that are clearer than the concept being defined No circular definitions • Counter-Example o IRS said definition of “a child living at home” is a child who lives at home • Dogmatism • Meno’s Paradox • Theory of Recollection • Leading questions • Socratic Method of Teaching • A Priori Knowledge • A Posteriori Knowledge • Figure it out for yourself • Argument • Sound, Valid...
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