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Chem 2545 Fall 2007 Pre Lab 3 Homework 1. A student developed the TLC plate on page 26 with a 90:10 hexane:ethyl acetate solvent system. (a) Calculate R f value for spot 1 and 2. (b) Is the solvent system more polar or more nonpolar? Explain. (c) Which spot interacts more with the mobile phase? Explain. (d) Which spot interacts more with the stationary phase? Explain. 2. Explain why a mixture of compounds would separate on a TLC plate?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Draw the Lewis dot structure of ethyl acetate. Use the rules found on page xviii. Show all necessary charges . 4. (a) Draw the structures of 2-propanol and benzene (Lewis dot structures not needed). (b) Which one is more polar? Explain. 5. (a) What is an extraction? (b) Why is it necessary to do an extraction in Lab 3?...
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