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Lab4_post1 - dissolves in ether but not in water...

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Chem 2545 Fall 2007 Due at the beginning of lab 4 week 2 Post Lab 4 Report #1 I. Title of lab Solubility and Acid/Base Chemistry of Organic Compounds II. State the objective(s) of the lab To determine the solubility of Benzoic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Azobenzene, and m- nitroaniline in ether or water. Then adding either NaOH or HCl to further solubility testing. III. Give a summary of your observations Benzoic acid dissolves in ether, but not in water. In water, the acid forms two layers. Sodium benzoate does not dissolve in ether, but dissolves in water. Azobenzene
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Unformatted text preview: dissolves in ether, but not in water. M-nitroaniline dissolves in ether, but not in water. IV. Postlab Questions/Discussion of Results 1. Answer all questions from the procedure used during lab. 2. Complete the following table. Name of compound Is the compound soluble in ether? Yes or No. Is the compound soluble in aqueous solvents? Yes or No. Benzoic Acid Yes No Sodium Benzoate No Yes Azobenzene Yes No m-Nitroaniline Yes no...
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