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Chem 2545 Fall 2007 Due at the beginning of the second week of lab 4. Pre Lab 4 Homework #2 1. Draw the structures of the following compound at (a) pH 1 and (b) pH 12. H 2 N OH O 2. A new drug is being developed that exits as an acid and a base. This pharmacologically active form is the acid form. In the stomach, 60% of the drug is present as the acid. The pK a of the drug is 4. At what pH is the drug 60% in its acidic form. Show all steps of your calculation. 3. When ether and water are mixed together, two layers are formed.
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Unformatted text preview: What layer is on top and what layer is on the bottom? Explain your answer using a physical property of each solvent. 4. Design a complete extraction-separation scheme for the separation of the following compounds dissolved in diethyl ether. Isolate compound (CMPD) A and compound (CMPD) B in their neutral, nonionic forms. Include structures and charges. Use the scheme on page 40 as a guide. O NH 2 O O CMPD A CMPD B Dissolve in ether...
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