Subcultures - Punks & Pretenders

Subcultures - Punks & Pretenders - Real Punks &...

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Subculture: o A culture-within-a-culture, or a group of people within a larger culture that have norms, attitudes, values, and beliefs that differentiate them from the larger culture. o The concept of subculture implies some degree of group self- sufficiency such that individuals may interact , find employment , recreation , friends and mates within the group. Counterculture: o A set of cultural ideas that, to some extent, differ from and conflict with , those generally upheld in the society. o A counterculture develops when members of groups identify common values that distinguish them from others. o These groups may be based on common appearance, ethnic group, sexuality, status or social behavior. o The term is close in meaning to subculture, but the concept of counterculture stresses the idea of an open and active opposition to dominant cultural values . **(If you are interested in the emergence and evolution of
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Subcultures - Punks & Pretenders - Real Punks &...

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