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study guide JLMC - Review for Chapter 12 (Advertising) In...

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Review for Chapter 12 (Advertising) In class, we talked about "graffiti" advertising being found on the walls of what historic city? For advertising to exist--or need to exist--what does a society need to have besides mass media like newspapers? (p. 280) Why is advertising more important in democratic societies and less important in authoritarian societies? (p. 281) What is an advertising agency, and what do creative directors, account executives and media buyers each do? How do advertising agencies make money? How has the compensation system changed between the 1980s and now? What is a "brand manager" and who employs them, the ad agency or the company that makes the product? (What would be your favorite "brand" to manage? Lexus? Oreos? Sean John? Pizza Hut? I think I'd choose Ferrari.) An overall plan for advertising any product--the plan that incorporates every advertisement in every medium--is called the product's _____. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each medium discussed on p. 285-286? What is ad clutter, and which medium suffers most from it? In class, we discussed how a unique selling proposition AND repetition enables advertisers to cut through ad clutter. The class did particularly well at remembering car insurance campaigns including All State, Progressive, E- surance and . . . . How does Google make money from its advertising? What is a clickthrough fee? In class, we discussed cereal and "branding" products that are largely the same (grains, processed into breakfast food). There were NO--zero, zip, nada-- students who were persuaded to eat what brand of cereal? What cereal took on new life as part of a snack food, rather than a cereal? How does "positioning" a product help cut through ad clutter, and how does
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study guide JLMC - Review for Chapter 12 (Advertising) In...

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