study guide - *Chapter 12-Advertising Pompey-historic city...

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*Chapter 12-Advertising Pompey -historic city where graffiti advertising was found -What you need in order for advertising to exist: 1. Enough people 2. Money/Disposable income 3. The need to buy things -Advertising is more important in a democracy because people have the ability to make their own decisions not only on their political leaders, but also buying decisions. In an authoritative society it is less important because people usually look to strong personal leaders for ideas to embrace. Advertising Agencies -create and place ads on behalf of their clients. Funded by the media in which they place their ads. Creative Directors- Design advertisements. Key person in ad campaigns. Account Executives- Connection between the client and the ad media. Persuades advertiser to spend a certain amount of money. Agency reps to clients. Media Buyers - Decide where to place the ads. Good with numbers, finding demographics to make successful buys. -Ad agencies make money by the media in which they place their ads. In effect, this makes agency services free to advertisers. Work on 15% commission. They now charge for production of the ad as well. Brand Manager - Coordinates marketing and advertising for a specific brand. Employed by the company that makes the product. Media Plan - An overall plan for advertising any product. The plan that incorporates every advertisement in every medium. Lays out where ads are placed. Newspapers and advertising: Pros- it’s a hot medium, its tangible, readers take newspapers seriously. Cons- harder to reach young adults, ads don’t look as good on newsprint. Magazines and Advertising: Pros- great shelf life, people share, better-looking graphics, finds narrower audiences Cons- require reservations for ad space up to 3 months Radio and Advertising: Pros- time can be bought on short notice, cheap, repeated play, jingles=lasting image
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study guide - *Chapter 12-Advertising Pompey-historic city...

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