AD EXAM 1 - Exam 1 *Advertising History -Innkeepers,...

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Exam 1 *Advertising History -Innkeepers, merchants, tradesmen posted signs to notify the public about what was for sale. -Modern mass advertising was not possible until mass manufacturing, mass communication, and mass education. -Early advertisements resembled current day classified notices in newspapers. *Advertising Expenditures -Spend about $850/person *Agency Compensation -Agencies charge advertisers the full rate for services. -15% commission to responsible agencies on advertising space cost -Commissions, markups, fees *Agency Holding companies -“Mega Agency Groups” -Agencies merge together not just on profitability, but on stock market value, and also to make serious money. -Merger matched wave of mergers in manufacturing *Brand Typology -Packaged goods- products that are used up and repurchased on a regular basis. -Durable goods- products that last a long time and are purchased infrequently. -Retail- although they may also sell branded products, retailers are brands themselves. -Services- airlines, banks, insurance companies, or long distance carriers
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AD EXAM 1 - Exam 1 *Advertising History -Innkeepers,...

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