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HST 121 November 16, 2005 Writing Assignment 4 The Letters of Abelard and Heloise is an amazing collection of letters written during the middle ages. This collection contains letters from Abelard to Heloise and letters from Heloise to Abelard. Both persons are deeply in love with each other, but face many problems of keeping there love secret, due to the outlook of society on religion as well as gender roles during the middle Ages. Through these sad letters, we are able to gain a great deal of insight on how important gender plays a part in society, as well as how big the catholic church/religion played during this time period. It is obvious that during the Medieval Period men had a lot more important role than women did, and that women had to give in to the many pressures. Finally, both men and women were expected to comply with the many strict morals of the Catholic Church. This is because the Church at this time period was one of the most powerful people/persons. Women during this time were mainly property to their husbands once they became married. Women were expected to be devoted and were also expected to watch over their husbands in every way. Heloise is a great example of this. Even though their love is wrong in this time period, they still find a way to marry. Although they have a legitimate marriage Heloise does not except the title of wife. “The name of wife may seem more sacred or more binding, but sweeter for me will always be the word friend (amica), or, if you permit me, that of concubine or whore.” (Letter 2, page 51) Through
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writing assignment 4 - HST 121 Writing Assignment 4 The...

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