Chapter 4 Outline

Chapter 4 Outline - Chapter 4: Rocks Records of Geologic...

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Chapter 4: Rocks – Records of Geologic Processes h Summary What determines the properties of the various kinds of rocks that form in and on Earth’s surface? u Mineralogy (the kinds and proportions of minerals that make up a rock) and texture (the sizes, shapes, and spatial arrangement of its crystals or grains) define a rock. The mineralogy and texture of a rock are determined by the geologic conditions, including chemical composition, under which it formed, either in the interior under various conditions of high temperature and pressure or at the surface, where temperatures and pressures are low. What are the three types of rock and how do they form? u Igneous rocks form by the crystallization of magmas as they cool. Intrusive igneous rocks form in earth’s interior and have large crystals. Extrusive igneous rocks, which form at the surface where lavas and ash erupt from volcanoes, have a glassy or fine-grained texture. Sedimentary rocks from by the lithification of sediments after burial. Sediments are derived from the weathering and erosion of rocks exposed at earth’s surface. Metamorphic rocks form by alteration in the solid state of igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic rocks as they are subjected to high temperatures and pressures in the interior. How does the rock cycle describe the formation of rocks as the products of geologic
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Chapter 4 Outline - Chapter 4: Rocks Records of Geologic...

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