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The Law of Moses 9/19/07 1. The Law: Some Preliminary Considerations a. Centrality b. Overall Conception i. Exodus 19:4-6 ii. First Comes Salvation 1. Escape from slavery in Egypt 2. Salvation leads to the law iii. That Requires a Duty iv. That Brings a Promise c. The Key Players i. Priests (descended from Aaron-hereditary) ii. Levites 1. descended from Levi; 2. originally country priests? 3. helpers of the priest iii. The people (have to follow the laws) d. Typical Misunderstandings 2. The Suzerainty Model i. Peace treaty between a superior and inferior ii. God is Suzerain (superior) and Moses is inferior b. Identification of the Suzerain c. History of the Relationship d. Stipulations of the vassal e. Provisions for the deposit of the treaty f. Divine Witnesses to the treaty g. Blessings and curses 3. Overview of the Law a. Types i. Apodictic (cf. Decalogue) 1. Simply making laws
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Unformatted text preview: 2. “you shall not” – straight forward ii. Casuistic (cf. Covenant Code) 1. Causal law 2. “If….then…” – case by case laws b. Function: Distinctiveness i. Makes Israel different from it’s neighbors 4. The Various Corpora a. Covenant Code (Exodus 20:22-23:33) i. God makes a covenant with his people at Mt. Sinai ii. Slaves – accepted but with limitations iii. Violence – death to anyone who strikes parents b. Priestly Code (Leviticus 1-16) i. Priestly activities ii. Ritual Purity for the people iii. Purity was not caused sins iv. Menstruating is not pure, but not a sin v. Sacrifices can purify you c. Holiness Code (Leviticus 17-26) i. Obtain Purity before God ii. Ritual and Ethical laws iii. Contains laws against homosexuality...
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jwstnotes - 2 “you shall not” – straight forward ii...

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