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poli100sp1 - Susan Williams Poli 100 Recitation Invasion of...

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Susan Williams Poli 100 Recitation February 27, 2008 Invasion of Grenada: Grenada as a Rogue State
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The invasion of Grenada was supported by almost all Americans but was not considered a disappointment by the United Nations. This is one of the main arguments for not considering Grenada a rogue state, but Grenada fits the generally accepted definition of a rogue state. A rogue state is a term used for states who threatened the world’s peace by having access to weapons of mass destruction and being ruled by an authoritarian style government. Grenada had allied with Cuba and the Soviet Union in the early 1980s, during the peak of the Cold War, and was under the authoritarian leadership of Coard. Ronald Reagan was scared that the international airport that the Cubans were assisting to build in Grenada would help the Soviets bring weaponry to the Caribbean. The incident in Grenada is little known to most Americans today and was believed as a mistake by some because it played very little significance during the Cold War; however, it played a major role in the lives of the Grenadines. The controversy began in 1979 when Maurice Bishop seized power and launched the New Jewel Movement. The New Jewel Movement established a people’s provisional government and suspended the country’s constitution and held off the elections. 1 During the four years that Bishop lead the country, the unemployment rate dropped and the already respectable literacy rate grew to 98%. He also established free health care and the educational programs tripled. Everything seemed to be going great for the small island country until documents were found that allied Bishop with the communist nations of the Soviet Union and Cuba, which would lead them to be considered a rogue state. 2 The 1 America: A Rogue State . http://www.doublestandards.org/usmurder.html . February 20, 2008.
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