SacksCases - to do stuff for herself, regained motor...

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Oliver Sack’s Cases: Ch.1 The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat Who: Dr. P Problem: Right side is messed up. Sees details and not the whole picture, can’t recognize faces or sees faces where there shouldn’t be any. Must have degeneration or tumour on the right side of his brain. Ch.2 The Lost Mariner Who: Jimmie G Problem: Extreme loss of recent memory- had Korsakov’s syndrome, alcohol destroyed mammillary bodies in the brain. Thinks it is 1945 and that he is 20. Ch.3 The Disembodied Lady Who: Christina Problem: Felt completely disembodied, couldn’t stand without staring at her feet, hands would wander. Lost proprioception, antibodies did this to her, must use senses to keep track of self. Can happen with too much vitamin B6. Ch.5 Hands Who: Madeline Problem: Thought her hands were “useless godforsaken lumps of dough”. Had cereberal palsy and through not doing things for herself had lost the ability to perceive with her hands. Could not recognize objects placed in them. Eventually got convinced into starting
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Unformatted text preview: to do stuff for herself, regained motor control of her hands. Became a sculptor. Ch.7 On the Level Who: Mr. MacGregor Problem: Leans while standing, an effect of Parkinsons. He starts using levels to straighten himself out. Ch. 10 Witty Ticcy Ray Who: Ray Problem: Tourrettes Syndrome, causes terrible tics. He was very musical. Quick reflexes and tics actually helped him play the drums and ping-pong. He was given Thaldol which blocks post-synaptic dopamine, but he doesnt take them over the weekend so he can play. Ch. 11 Who: Natasha K Problem: Latent neurosyphillis, causes mania and friskiness. She doesnt need to give up the happiness but the penicillin prevents further damage. Ch. 18 The Dog Beneath the Skin Who: Stephen D. Problem: Drug abuse leads to overexcitement due to smell. Needs to smell everything. It left after a few weeks of stopping the drug use....
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SacksCases - to do stuff for herself, regained motor...

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