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ASSET HANDOVER FORM INTERNAL USE ONLY HANDOVER PARTICULARS Handed Over To (Name)Contact Num Faculty / DepartmentHandover Date Handed Over By (Name) Return Date (*if needed*) ASSET DESCRIPTION Serial NoItem DescriptionModelQuantityItem Handover Status Remark PermanentTemporary ASSETS HANDOVER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND DECLARATION BY REQUESTER I hereby acknowledge the receiptabove mentioned asset in good workingorder and it will be in my possessionduring my service with AIMST University. I hereby assure that I willtake good care of the assets of the AIMST Univesityfor the best possible extend. I acknowledge that the items handed over aremy responsibility until I turn them back in. If theassets are stolen, lost, or damaged while in my care,
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Unformatted text preview:I will be responsible for replacing them at my own cost. Signature : Name : Date : ASSETS RETURNING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND DECLARATION BY REQUESTER Signature : Name : Date : for office use only Asset Received by : Remarks : By submitting your personal data to us, you consent to us collecting, using, disclosing and processing your personal data in accordance with our PDPA Notice. Please refer to the PDPA Notice at our AIMST University website ( ) for further details. If you agree for your personal data to be collected and processed by us please tick ( ✓ ) in the box below. Agree Disagree Name : MyKad No. / Passport No : Date :