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Stat Midterm - Practice Midterm STAT 1100, 2084 Laurel...

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Practice Midterm Name: ____________________ STAT 1100, 2084 1PM 2:30PM 4PM Laurel Chiappetta 1. (50 points) For each of the following examples, identify (if there are two variables, show data type for both): Data type(s) as: N ominal, O rdinal, or I nterval The most appropriate numerical display of the data (Graph) as: 1 Mean and SD, 2 Median and Quartiles, 3 Frequency distribution, 4 Correlation, 5 Geometric Mean and spread, 6 Contingency table The most appropriate graphical display of the data (numerical display, include both center and spread if applicable) as: A Bar Chart, B Pie Chart, C Histogram, D Time Series Plot, E Stem and Leaf Plot, F Box Plot, G Scatterplot Data description Data type(s) Numerical Display Graph A company decides to investigate the amount of sick leave taken by its employees. A sample of employees is taken and number of days of sick leave is recorded. From a first look at the data by the human resource manager, it appears that most employees are not taking any sick days, but a few employees have taken almost a week of sick time. N O I 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G The Metro Train Company was interested in knowing the educational background of its customers. In a survey of 50 commuters at the train station, the commuters were asked to disclose their educational attainment. They would like to summarize the responses relative to each other. N O I 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G A hospital administrator wants to evaluate the survival status for different types of surgery that is performed in her hospital. She gathers
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Stat Midterm - Practice Midterm STAT 1100, 2084 Laurel...

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