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Jason A. Sanchez 12/05/07 Rhetoric 10:003 Final Paper Censorship: Protection or Prevention By the power of the First Amendment, we are granted the freedom of speech and worship, press, and the freedom to assemble and petition the government. However, by the power of censorship, we are limited to how we think, write, and express our thoughts, especially within school walls. Censorship is a problem because certain topics may be offensive to some, but may not be to others. The “censors” that suppress and remove articles from newspapers are limiting the rights (granted by the First Amendment) of individuals. Today, censorship affects our world, the government, our families, but mostly, our public schools. Certain subjects, like profanity or sexuality topics, have brought upon questions to the administrators of the school and parents of the students. What makes this subject more problematic is that students come from a vast amount of different cultures with diverse traditions, beliefs, and languages. Censorship and the First Amendment clash to cause this problem which affects the students’ learning environment. Censorship is a problem for everyone. It is an infringement on the rights of the American individuals guaranteed by the First Amendment. As citizens, we make our own decisions to write what we want, read what we want, and act however we would like to without offending other individuals. We don’t want restrictions to limit our actions. The freedom of speech plays an important role in our life, especially in the school environment. As students, we don’t want people to limit and set boundaries on our education. It is a school’s job to let students expand their minds by reading books and surfing the internet, not suppressing them by removing material. Students sometimes don’t get the opportunity to read what they’d like to because of
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censorship. As parents and future parents, we want to guide our children to live the right way, but we cannot set limits on what they learn about in schools. Parents are contributing to problem by removing “offensive” material. Parents should not be hypocrites. They should be teaching us the value of the First Amendment, not setting boundaries. Censorship is defined as “examining material in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable.” (McGough 5). In many countries, censorship is aimed towards political ideas, the government, and social issues. In schools, targeted materials usually pertain
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Final Paper - Jason A. Sanchez 12/05/07 Rhetoric 10:003...

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