Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics

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Unformatted text preview: Name fig AaT/OA} COE 2001 Statics: Quiz #3 Summer 2005 @ 1. Determine the location (Kaye) of the centroid of the wire (or rod or pipe) formed into a semicircle as shown. Assume that the wire has a constant density per unit length. Would this be the same centroid location for a solid semicircular plate of the same dimensions (yes/no)? ' ‘ <—————H Xcto SW10? 5 an: 1;. axis ofsplm. 2R TT 17 1T 0 o BEE. L :Vznfma): TH: @ in = 22 (“102% ‘w “13* “r + 22*0‘ 2. The multi—force assembly consists of two members, ACE and BCD pinned together at C and supporting a pulley at E. A cable is attached at D and wraps around the pulley to support a vertical load, P, as shown in the figure. Determine the support reactions at A and B or explain why they cannot be calculated for this problem. P A CK P C5? ng ' Ck 3'1 3 Ax S 3 Ex 5 O: 2gp: Qx+l24x O:2M¢=-/-P—§:3X—585 0: 2/”;3—3'PJS-A5 OEfiMR:-O(.P_g.12J* 2—P+9P—685‘ naba/Sflvyop Bx: —%P ' (f2; 83 : 3P -_ Ma? 5 Ax; +3?) / O; ZFV: i £5: P'Kj: — 3/5P:-0.@P W ...
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coe2001-Quiz3soln-su05 - Name fig AaT/OA COE 2001 Statics...

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